Monday, 22 February 2010

My online Guitar Teachers

This guys have been teaching me guitar for a year, and thanks to them despite the limited time I have to practice, I have made some progress.
Here They are:

Marty Shwartz:
guitarjamzdotcom ----Technical stuff
youcanlearnguitar ----Technical stuff(doesn't post here anymore)
martyzsongs ---- Songs

Justin Sandercoe (Probably the most famous guitar teacher in the world):
JustinSandercoe  ----Technical stuff

Jason Liles:
tallie7487 ---- This guy only has Lessons on "The Swell Season" songs
Hope you can learn from them as I have been learning for the past year.
Quick post because i need to rest, just re-started class and i am not in the rhythm yet.

Tomorrow i will post something with more substance...



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