Monday, 15 February 2010

Filipe Pinto Wins Portuguese Idol

Filipe Pinto a great singer and a true Idol!
And he is very humble...
...Not like one of the other contestants who shall remain nameless...Carlos Third place, really?(this is more for the Portuguese Readers who follow the competition)

Here is his last performance Pearl Jam's "Betterman"

After he won he sang "Ouvi dizer" by Ornatos Violeta (his favourite performance and mine as well):

Also a word for Diana who came second, and would have been a deserving winner.

Long live good music!


Anonymous said...

o filipe ainda nao foi para londres e ja é conhecido
éste é o verdadeiro ídolos portugues

Nuno Barreto said...

Translation of the comment above

"Filipe is yet to go to London and he is already famous
The true Portuguese Idol"

She probably didn't notice I am Portuguese, and thinks he is internationally famous...

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