Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Whose Line is it Anyway? - Greatest Hits

The first Greatest Hitts that aired in the States.

Funny stuff as usual

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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Contemporary Portugal III: Rui Costa

Football for some soccer is called the king sports here in Portugal, in spite of my aversion to the notion of one sport getting all the credit and support, it's undeniable that it's one of the driving forces of our country, making people sad or happy beyond belief (really I can't believe it!).

Anyway this guy Rui Costa nicknamed "O Maestro"( "The Conductor"), he is our Steve Nash, our Tom Brady, Magic get the point, he is the guy organizing the game.

He started is professional career in Benfica (my club), he then went to Fiorentina and after that A.C Milan, both being Italian clubs.
After is very successful career in Italy he return to Benfica to finish is career in the club he loved.!

He also enjoyed a very fruitful International career with Portugal National Team, he was a member of the golden generation that won the Junior World Cup in 1991, he actually scored the deciding penalty kick.
At a senior level he completed 94 caps and scored 26 goals, and was one of the most charismatic players on the team alongside Luis Figo.

He was also in the FIFA 100, a list made by Pelé with the best players of the first century of official football.

This is my favourite goal ever:

All in all my favourite player ever!

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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Great Musicians (Unknown) VI : ortoPilot

Matt Hutchison know in the world of music by ortoPilot is a musician from Manchester in the UK, I would put him in the singer songwriter type artist (whatever that means).
He uses his guitar has his main instrument but uses others on occasion. He also does all the back vocals, and all the instruments in his songs

He spreads is music in YouTube where he already has loads of videos(I didn't have the courage to count).

Here is one of my favourite covers Muse's "Time is running out"

And an original "Driftin' "

You can follow him here:
YouTube Channel
Official Site

Also you can buy his music on iTunes here (i will soon).

Hope you enjoy is music!
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p.s: He is going to be at the acoustic festival of Britain, a festival Matt Stevens, whom I wrote about in an earlier post, will also attend!

Contemporary Madness helping awesome yet unknown musicians since the 28 of January. Not much tough, maybe one or two more fans, but oh well...

Monday, 15 March 2010

Moving images that take up way too much of my time

House - A medical show where the medicine is not important, that can't be right.
Yes it can, if you have a good story and amazing actors.
Hugh Laurie is just brilliant, and Robert S. Leonard(Wilson) also compliments him well.
The rest of the team also does a good job of course!

The Big Bang Theory - Or as Craig Ferguson puts it The Jim Parsons Show.
It's undeniable that Jim Parson(Sheldon) carries the show, and that if he was out there would be no show, also I think that it 's one of the best\crucial casts in recent years.
I think I just beat the world record for most compliments in a row!
But anyway they are all brilliant, even Kunal Nayyar who plays the silent Raj!

Greek - Or as I like to call it Cappie with a bit of Dale on the side.
Take away Cappie there is no show, take Dale I am going to be mildly pissed.
This my guilty pleasure, but who hasn't dreamed of being the guy who manages to be in College for 20 years!
The funny thing is that the main Character is not Cappie!

Moving images that shouldn't take up anyone's time!

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - Or "How to steal a show just by crying"
Because of this guy I don't get to see Conan here in Portugal, so please let's boycott the show and get him out of there!

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Friday, 12 March 2010

My Guitar Journey I: Learning Freight Train (Version 1)

Finally my first Guitar Journey post.

If you read the Big Announcement post you know that I am learning "Freight Train" as taught by
This is the first version of four, and in each version something will be added to the song.
I am on tight schedule so I only did audio, i will try to add video the next time.

Here is the video\audio:

Wrapping the thumb around the neck to play the F base note.

The Lesson

I need all the feedback I can get to improve.

Critics, suggestions even insults...are welcome!
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p.s: I expect great challenges on the next version...

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Whose Line is it Anyway? - Cops & Ducks

One of my favourite shows, Whose Line is originally from England but has been adapted in the USA.
In this game two audience members are randomly picked from the audience two provide sound effects for the actors.

Comedy will ensue!

Sound Effects: Cops & Ducks

This guys are masters of improvisation!

Quack, Quack, Cheers, Quack!

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Contemporary Portugal II: Mariza

The Portuguese traditional music genre fado!

Mariza- "Rosa Branca"("White Rose")

Hope you enjoyed it!

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