Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Great Musicians (Unknown) VI : ortoPilot

Matt Hutchison know in the world of music by ortoPilot is a musician from Manchester in the UK, I would put him in the singer songwriter type artist (whatever that means).
He uses his guitar has his main instrument but uses others on occasion. He also does all the back vocals, and all the instruments in his songs

He spreads is music in YouTube where he already has loads of videos(I didn't have the courage to count).

Here is one of my favourite covers Muse's "Time is running out"

And an original "Driftin' "

You can follow him here:
YouTube Channel
Official Site

Also you can buy his music on iTunes here (i will soon).

Hope you enjoy is music!
Please comment, dig, retwitt...


p.s: He is going to be at the acoustic festival of Britain, a festival Matt Stevens, whom I wrote about in an earlier post, will also attend!

Contemporary Madness helping awesome yet unknown musicians since the 28 of January. Not much tough, maybe one or two more fans, but oh well...


Matt Stevens said...

Awesome - i shall check him out at the festival

KaylaK. said...

I just saw Muse in Seattle and yes indeed they played Time is Running Out. Heres my blog to the concert.

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