Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Great Guitarists IV: Matt Stevens

I promised myself that the next "Great Guitarists" post wouldn't be about a fingerpicker, so i thought about making a post about one of my very first readers.

Matt Stevens is a guitarist from North London, he uses a technique called Live Looping, which basically means that he plays something while recording it, then the recording his played over and over while he plays and maybe even records other layers of the song.
He controls all this using a pedal.

The most basic example of this would be to play the rhythm while recording it, then playing the solo on top of it.
Hope I didn't mess up the explanation. I am sure Matt could do it better!

I have never tried even the that basic example, so I can only imagine the concentration needed and precision needed to do the trick stuff Matt does.

He already has one album with great reviews called Echo.

This one is called "Flies in The Basement"

You can buy his album Echo on his website.
His Blog.
On his facebook fan page you can find all his links.

Good Luck Mr."One man wall of sound"!

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