Saturday, 6 February 2010

How do you feel about subtitles?

Here in Portugal, he don't dub anything but children stuff, which is good I hate to watch a dubbed film.

In the English speaking countries, people probably don't deal with subtitles a lot so i would like to do a little experiment!

The next video is from a comedy group called "Gato Fedorento" (translates to Smelly Cat), they are our Monty Pythons!

See if you find it funny:

Sorry for the video quality!
If you enjoyed this, I will translate and upload videos myself with good quality!

Please Comment, i need your feedback on this one!

Good Laughs!


Del said...

haha nice man.

Smelly cat? Did they name the show off of Pheobe from friends?

Juego said...

Está muito boa ideia essa de os traduzir sim senhor!
Se precisares de ajuda com isso avisa homem! lol

Nuno Barreto said...

Yes they named the show after the song "smelly cat"!

Nice catch I did not know that!

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