Friday, 5 February 2010

Great Musicians (Unknown) II: David Fonseca

A Portuguese Artist which despite unknown for the world population is very famous in Portugal!
He first started as the lead singer of Silence 4 in 1998, where he achieved great success until 2002 when the band ended.
In 2003 he released is first album "Sing me Something New", he has since released 3 more albums, the last of them called "Between Waves", in which he played all the instruments.

His first solo single "Someone that cannot love":

With Silence 4 cover of erasure's "A little Respect" (Silence 4 made it better in my opinion):

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Seema Syed said...

I have heard him before here in Germany. He is quite good. I enjoy his music. Thats a very good gesture from you to let know everyone about David Fonseca.

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