Friday, 5 February 2010

Great Guitarists II : Phil Whybra

Phil Wybra is 18 years old(not 21 has i had previously said), and i have been following him on YouTube for quite some time, actually he introduced me to the likes of Doyle Dykes and Tommy Emmanuel and fingerpicking in general, which is kind of odd first listening to a cover of a kid and only after the original by "The Master", but thanks for that i can't stop listening to fingerstyle guitar now.

If you see his first videos and compare them with the more recent one, you will see a lot of progress. It would be interesting for him to record a video of a song he played in the early years for comparison.

For now he has only put "out there" covers, but I hope he develops some material of his own in the future and makes a record.
He will have at least one buyer!

Is more recent video, where he plays Borsalino in the style of Tommy Emmanuel:

Useful Links:
You Tube Account: Pkw101
Twitter: @PhilWhybra

Hope you subscribe and support him!
Let me know what you think!

Please upload more videos Phil...


Anonymous said...

wow! Thanks for the kind words :) I am currently travelling Australia but will be putting lots more videos up when I get back the end of this month! Just to let you know I'm 18 not 21!
Happy playin'

Matt Stevens said...

He's really good - thanks for posting

kim said...

I like to here you to kim ( a man 40) from denmark you a relly stress killer nice. hope you have a nice time traveling and all good for you life.

Anonymous said...

Amazing. Gifted. We are super Phil fans. I spread the word on fb.

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