Friday, 26 February 2010

How your website sounds like...

How your website sounds like.
What does it mean?
How can a website have sound?
How can you know what is that sound?

You take away all the letters that are not in the musical scale(The music scale is A to G) from the body of your website, and the letter that is used the most is the key of you website.Also if the letter appears an even number of times its because it's in the major pentatonic scale if not its in the minor pentatonic scale.

Based on the number of characters the site will be awarded a synthesiser.

The drums will be determined by dividing the number of characters that are music note for the total.

At least that is what CODEORGAN about page said!
Did you think I made all that up?
I don't have that kind of imagination.

Anyway I know that CODEORGAN is kind of pointless, but it's kind of fun for a few minutes...
...for instance my website is in the key of CMajor, and has Horns synthesiser, the drums you have to ear it  for yourself, just copy-paste the link to check it out...

Hope you enjoy, the sound of your websites!


Thomas said...

This is cool! My website is in the key of Cmajor as well with a Piano!

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