Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Great Films II : Summer (2008)

"Shaun and Daz are vibrant kids, wasted by their experience of education. All they have is their friendship and for Shaun his first love Katy..."

I saw this one very recently, it's relatively unknown, and I only saw it because I have been going trough some of the films starring Robert Carlyle ( A very good actor by the away).

Carlyle plays Shaun a kid with a difficult childhood who takes care of his sick friend Daz, played by Steve Evets. When Daz's health starts to deteriorate he is "forced" remember/relive  his childhood including is love for Katy played by Rachael Blake.

What i enjoy the most about the film is that it really feels like a true story, that happens more than it should.
I think you will find the same.
Here is the Trailer:

Now some additional info and links:
IMDb page

Hope you enjoy it, it's sad but a great film.

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