Why "Contemporary Madness"?
I was tired of looking for an available html address, and i was looking all over the place when i saw a dictionary of contemporary English. I thought the word "contemporary" was pretty much in sync with what I was going for. I was also getting mad looking for an available address hence "Contemporary Madness".

What will this blog be about?
To narrow it down everything.
Now for the serious answer:
I don't want to limit my self it terms of topics, but I can tell you a few that i have in mind.
Independent films that I like but don't have a lot of publicity, music that isn't really out there such as artist from you tube or genres that don't get much attention, probably I will have some books, interesting tech and a lot more that is yet to cross my mind.

Why English and not your native language(Portuguese)?
For two reasons one is that the universe of readers is much bigger
, the other is that I need to practise my English so that my years spending money learning it, don't go to waste.(Any Comments regarding english inaccuracies are welcome)