Friday, 12 March 2010

My Guitar Journey I: Learning Freight Train (Version 1)

Finally my first Guitar Journey post.

If you read the Big Announcement post you know that I am learning "Freight Train" as taught by
This is the first version of four, and in each version something will be added to the song.
I am on tight schedule so I only did audio, i will try to add video the next time.

Here is the video\audio:

Wrapping the thumb around the neck to play the F base note.

The Lesson

I need all the feedback I can get to improve.

Critics, suggestions even insults...are welcome!
Please comment, dig, retweet...


p.s: I expect great challenges on the next version...


Del said...

Nice dude.

Keep working, Its tough and I wish I had someone to teach me, take advantage while you can. Sounded nice and clean. Keep up the good work!

Nuno Barreto said...

I think you got a bit confused. I don't have any private teachers.
I learn by YouTube Lessons.
Check out this post to see the channels i use.

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