Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Great Musicians (Unknown) IV : The Swell Season

Glens Hanslard (also in The Frames) and Marketa Irglova are the The Swell Season since 2005.

They both stared in the movie Once where they rose to prominence, and received and Oscar for Best Original Song "Falling Slowly"

They have released three albums, The Swell Season, Once soundtrack and Strictly Joy.

Not sure if they should be in the Unknown category, but they are not as famous as I think they should, so...

Here is my favourite song "Lies":

Here is their official site.

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Contemporary Madness helping awesome yet unknown musicians since the 28 of January. Not much tough, maybe one or two more fans, but oh well...


cookie said...

They are actually pretty famous in Canada... they sell out all their shows when they play here. The Once soundtrack and the first CD they did together are actually a redo of Glen Hansard's first band The Frames and based on their CD that came out just before Once did. The Frames (again, Glen's original band) actually tour with the Swell Season now as one big band and play the instruments that Marketa Irglova and Glen don't play, plus back-up. They are AMAZING!

Nuno Barreto said...

You should have done this post ah ah...
I tought the The Frames only played with them occasionally. Probably what led me to the mistake is the fact that I usually see the "intimate" concerts with just the two on you tube.
Thanks for the complementary info, this is what I call a productive comment.

cookie said...

Haha not a problem! I am a big fan of theirs! They do intimate concerts where it's just them playing on stage, but Glen is really dedicated to them and he brings them on tour and they play the songs that aren't all acoustic and such! :)

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