Thursday, 28 January 2010

Contemporary Madness

Hi there!

To start this blog I will answer a series of possible\probable Frequently Asked Questions:

Why "Contemporary Madness"?
I was tired of looking for an available html address, and i was looking all over the place when i saw a dictionary of contemporary English. I thought the word "contemporary" was pretty much in sync with what I was going for. I was also getting mad looking for an available address hence "Contemporary Madness".

What will this blog be about?
To narrow it down everything.
Now for the serious answer:
I don't want to limit my self it terms of topics, but I can tell you a few that i have in mind.
Independent films that I like but don't have a lot of publicity, music that isn't really out there such as artist from you tube or genres that don't get much attention, probably I will have some books, interesting tech and a lot more that is yet to cross my mind.

Why English and not your native language(Portuguese)?
For two reasons one is that the universe of readers is much bigger
, the other is that I need to practise my English so that my years spending money learning it, don't go to waste.(Any Comments regarding english inaccuracies are welcome)

Now that the FAQ is done comes the final statement....of the post not the blog i don't intend to end the blog after one post, I am not that irresolute(had to google that word, see already learning).

Here it goes:
I hope to have the drive and the will to write almost everyday, and I also want this to last for more than a month.

Best of luck to me...

...and to you on your life endeavours.


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